About Us

Best Beer Festival in Saint Joseph

What can be better than craft beer brewed with love, knowledge, and care? At Ales West Beer Festival, we believe in the power of Saint Joseph beer to bring people together. We offer a range of popular local craft beers for you to enjoy: craft beer, microbreweries, and homebrewing! Come join us and take a seat and ...

The Inspiration

How it all began…. The story of Ales West.
The event started in 2019 after The Metropolitan co-owners, Amy Heath and Myers, visited other craft brewing festivals around the U.S. While they were doing that, they thought St. Joseph had a robust and lively enough craft brewing culture to support such a celebration.

Becoming a Reality

Aimed at celebrating the area’s love of smaller beer brewers, Ales West features a gamut of tastes, from IPA to stouts to lagers and even ciders and seltzers. Myers said it’s a passion that’s manifested into two local breweries, River Bluff Brewing Co. and Angry Swede, as well as a group of home brewers who have ...